14 March
Current Affairs
H3N2 Influenza Virus

Influenza A virus subtype H3N2

10 March
Current Affairs
World Kidney Day

What is World Kidney Day | Theme for 2023 | Chronic Kidney Disease | (PMNDP)

10 March
Current Affairs
Money Laundering

What is Money Laundering | Steps of Money Laundering Process | Common Methods of Money Laundering

08 March
Science & Tech
DNA Vaccine for Dengue

In a significant development in DNA vaccination research, India’s first and only DNA vaccine candidate for dengue has shown promising results

07 March
Current Affairs
Recent protocols are being put by Government of India to tackle threat of Spy Balloons

What are spy balloons? How are they being used? What are its pros and cons

03 March
Current Affairs
Supreme Court verdict on ECI appointments

Picking Election Commission members is currently the Centre's prerogative. How does the SC ruling change that? What issues did the court take up? How did the govt respond?

27 February
Current Affairs
Aadi Mahotsav

The Prime Minister inaugurated Aadi Mahotsav, the mega National Tribal Festival in Delhi.

22 February
MSCI Index

Global index provider MSCI has changed its weightage for Adani Group stocks in its various widely tracked indices after reviewing how many shares are available in the “free float” category

14 February
Science & Tech
Space related News for UPSC and other Exams

Know all about satellites, space missions, planets and elements

11 February
Geography & Environment
Keoladeo National Park

Where is Keoladeo National Park located? About Keoladeo National Park

03 February
Geography & Environment
Forest and Tree Cover in India

What is forest and tree cover? How are they both different?

31 January
Science & Tech
Generative AI

What is Generative Artificial Intelligence and its emergent capabilities