How do I Start Preparing for the Punjab PCS EXAM?

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The first and most important step is to become acquainted with the syllabus for the PCS examination. Start your preparation with general courses including basic sciences, aptitude (for the CSAT exam), geography, history, economics, and civics (Indian politics), as well as daily newspaper reading. Follow side by side making notes which shall be essential later on when the exam day approaches. It is also a good idea to watch some videos or attend faculty talks to gain more understanding. Before the preliminary exam, focus on the Punjabi written exam (10th syllabus in general), Punjab's history and geography, and recent current events from the previous year.


Before beginning training for the PCS examination, it is critical to assess your ability to become a successful officer. Self-evaluation is critical to maintaining a clear focus on your preparation. Chetan Bharat Learning offers the best Punjab PCS coaching in Chandigarh.



The candidate should be informed of the position he is seeking. This would allow for a more systematic approach to exam preparation.


Go through the syllabus and align your preparation.

Before you begin preparing for the PCS exam, you should review the syllabus to get a sense of how many topics will be covered. Once you've settled on the themes, you can plan a preparation schedule based on the amount of difficulty, leaving enough time for leisure. Try to break down complicated concepts into simpler ones to make them easier to understand. With the themes segmented, the bulk does not appear challenging.


Have you heard of the biological process "catabolism" where you break down the original components into their by­products? Do the same with your PCS syllabus. Determine which topics you have an advantage in and which you would benefit from assistance with. Do it for all subjects. You have now established your territory; the majority of the syllabus will not worry you at all. Now you know where to begin PCS preparation. This is also a great exercise for boosting confidence.


Time for PCS Exam Preparation

Everyone has a different amount of time available to spend on their study. Some people can sit for long periods, while others can't. Generally, 7-8 hours each day for at least a year is recommended. If you are serious about being one of the chosen few, you need to devote the necessary hours to quality preparation. Remember that it is the productive hours that are important, not the time. 


Start with at least two subjects per day. After reading a topic, practise by answering questions from prior years' papers. An ideal situation would be for the preparation to begin during school hours, given the NCERT syllabus includes books from VI to XII, and who better to prepare than the individual while in school? In an ideal case, you should focus on two topics each day. A combination of appropriate coaching, materials, and motivation will help you to pass the PCS exam.



Preparing for the interview entails reviewing your DAF paperwork because you may be asked questions about it. Seek to develop your communication skills so that you may speak confidently to the interviewer. To be appointed as one of the state's elite administrative personnel, one must demonstrate that he is a cut above the others. Prepare extensively by covering a wide range of topics and engaging in a discussion with previous applicants. The candidate must be able to persuade the interviewer that he wishes to contribute to the well-being of the nation. This not only distinguishes you from the other candidates but also gives you a competitive advantage.


Stay relaxed and enjoy the preparation.

Any Civil Services Examination is a tough and time-consuming process, and unless you appreciate what you do, it will feel even more difficult. Make time for relaxation activities, as they will keep you active. Instead of spending the entire day wondering, "How can we prepare for the PCS exam?" just get started. Join Chetan Bharat Learning Punjab PCS Institute in Chandigarh. Getting started is the only way to reach your goal.


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